The Dying Cycles a collection of poetry

Living after trauma and seeking the universe through nature. A collection of poetry.


‘For those living after trauma and seeking the universe through nature. A collection of poetry.’

Poem excerpt: MINNOWS

An ache tears into a memory
of your child hand reaching for minnows

Dark blue and small fingers

All those tiny universal dots of fish
we never caught them
and the search felt so infinite

You will lay in bed tonight
thinking again of the tiny silver lights
shattering into darker, deeper places
being the images of life that will escape you

A calm death is in us
Yours has begun to speak a whisper

I’ve heard this noise before,
laying on the dock
when the waves shuddered against us
black trees lent forward
and you watched me drink the water
before I cried for less

You’re scared now
As I was then

Dark blue

but in your hand,
is mine

and small fingers.

(This poem was written on the approach of a procedure to remove bits of cancer. In some metaphorical relation, I recount an experience I had when I was younger and fell off a dock trying to scoop up minnows.)

I have decided to take most of my freely published pieces and put them into a neat collection. Naturally, I’m going to choose WATTPAD as it’s the medium I’m publishing my short sci-fi story, “Mother in the Mist.”

But I’m nervous and overwhelmed by all these choices. I’m just learning about GoodReads, free amazon publishing, chapbooks and just so on so forth.. HOW do people do this in an organized manner? SUCESSFULLY?

I frequently look at those doing well, hoping for a way to personally connect with them. I find that developing EVEN A MINIMAL personal connection with who the poet is as a PERSON, opens up the realm of their poetry so much more vividly for me. Is that just me?

For example, the first poet that ever drew me into the world of poetry was Ekiwah Adler Belendez. Now, I understand this is a dramatic example, yet still a perfect one to smooth over this metaphor.

I saw a news documentary on Ekiwah. Save the poet prodigy! His book of poems caught the attention of an American doctor who was willing to perform surgery on Ekiwah’s cerebral palsy. And from there, I was drawn in. His poems then seemed so sincere and written with grave importance.

So now fast forward and as I’m swimming through popular social media poets I’m starving for any personal connections..

Everything is SO SHORT. MINIMAL.

There seems to be a shortened attention span and a demand for brief imagery. Anything popular is nothing more than two or three sentences. They are snatches of poetic quotes.

Which are wonderful all on their own if you aren’t NEEDING this particular connection. I am though, for whatever reason that drives me.

All of this quick imagery just leaves me grasping at what feels like a breeze and nothing tangible.

I NEED a more solid writing community of substance. I crave personal author connections. If you know of any, let me know. I’m sure I’m just not looking in the right places.

Author: uglywoollies

Alaskan Poet and crochet artist SMCLOPEZ

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