the intensity of having nightmares when pregnant go like this

I have fallen into a ritual of writing. FINALLY! What an accomplishment!

Only, as eager as I am to wake up before everyone else and get to writing or reading, some mornings I just can’t clear my mind to actually write. I’m going to go easy on myself this morning considering I “nightmared” all night last night.

My kids spent the night over at a relatives, so naturally I was anxious. I can’t remember my exact dream except I was trapped somewhere with them in a maze like area trying to escape. A waist high imp was teasing us, torturing us with terror methods into staying or getting lost and turning around. In my dream I had decided on a daring move -I tricked him. I don’t remember how but once he realized it, he was furious. He managed to turn himself around in the maze of our hell and charge us. I hadn’t intended to do what I did next.

When he jumped out at us screaming in rage -I tore his eyes out. As he writhed in pain, we managed to escape. Still, however I woke up in terror. My chest hurt and my heart was pounding.

It only took a moment for me to realize that my chest didn’t hurt because I was scared. It hurt because he was sitting on it.. in my bed.. looking down at me with bleeding eye holes and smiling.

THAT’S when I woke up for real.

This intense pregnancy dreaming is for the birds.

The wind is still howling.

baby hill
(this my baby hill)


Author: uglywoollies

Alaskan Poet and crochet artist SMCLOPEZ

3 thoughts on “the intensity of having nightmares when pregnant go like this”

  1. Hello Uglywoollies,

    That was a brutal defense that you had against that imp, well done, I do not think that I have ever ripped anyone’s eye’s out in a dream before. 👏

    It it good to hear of someone defending themselves in dreams like this instead of just running and hiding.

    That false awakening was creepy and scary, waking up into a dream within a dream like that, wow.

    I had a dream within a dream last night but it was not a false awakening, my thoughts and daydream in the dream became its own dream within the dream, and my thoughts shaped this dream within a dream in real-time even though this was not a lucid dream (I did not realize that I was dreaming).

    Thank you for sharing your dream and false awakening dream within a dream.

    -John Jr

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    1. It didn’t occur to me but you are right -most dreams I can recall are about running around to get away. Usually something ominous is lurking and I normally don’t get to pinpoint it. I never look into the dreams of other people or interpretation but I wonder if that ultimately means something about the human psyche -the running away/self preservation aspect.

      Dream within dreams seem fairly unique. Now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t recall any others I’ve had and I never hear of anyone really describing what you just did. Happen to you often?

      Not me. I just know that this particular dream was more intense than I usually dream because of the pregnancy hormones. I NEVER dream as vividly/obscenely as I do when pregnant. IT’S A TRIP. Fact, that was my first clue I was pregnant. Had a nightmare. Sat in bed as it settled and.. realized.. FML IM PREGNANT.

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      1. Hello Uglywoollies,

        I think that you are probably correct, most people probably respond to situations like that by running or hiding or freezing up instead of fighting back, and so it would make sense if most people respond the same way in their dreams because most people are not really trained in or experienced in or comfortable with fighting back so those other options are probably their usual subconscious response to situations like that.

        I have dreams within dreams rarely, usually false awakening dreams (to me false awakening dreams usually count as a dream within a dream in my opinion) or just normal dream within dreams or a dream within a dream after a dream goes lucid (when I realize that I am dream, and I start lucid dreaming), but what happened in that dream that I mentioned is very unusual to have a daydream / thoughts within a dream become its own dream.

        Interesting, I do not think that I have ever heard anyone talk about pregnancy effecting / affecting their dreams before, since most people I know do not remember or talk about their dreams or care about dreams unfortunately.

        That should give you some interesting things to blog about, the dreams that you remember each night, even the boring ones. 😉

        Thank you for responding and happy dreams,
        -John Jr


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