I gave that B my heart

(bees love hearts)

For valentines I had a handful of crochet orders to complete. Many, MANY Cthulhus, a surprising amount of interest in baby yoda hats and then finally (my favorite) three anatomical-ISH hearts.

Here is the one valentines gift I was able to make and give away myself. This my B. I even went so far as to whip her up a little black box to keep it in.

She is one of my closest friends. I value her incredibly. The mess surrounding her is a comfort zone. No really. We met working at a thrift store together. I was Head of Housewares and SHE WAS A LOWLY CASHIER. (evil laughter) I kid.. she was a cashier and how she had the balls of steel to endure it, I’ll never know. I recruited her to work with me in housewares. By the time I had my fill of housewares and was ready to move on to bartending, I had her trained up and ready to take my lead position. It is fair to say she far exceeds me in the position. I love her and her B face.

I miss working with her and I miss living that thrift store life.


Oh Cthulhu, do you?


Valentine’s Day approaches. I should have been crocheting baby headbands with attached hearts to sell…

I’m not in the mood. Would you prefer instead, a new Cthulhu face? Good for the kissings. Yes, much romance.