I gave that B my heart

(bees love hearts)

For valentines I had a handful of crochet orders to complete. Many, MANY Cthulhus, a surprising amount of interest in baby yoda hats and then finally (my favorite) three anatomical-ISH hearts.

Here is the one valentines gift I was able to make and give away myself. This my B. I even went so far as to whip her up a little black box to keep it in.

She is one of my closest friends. I value her incredibly. The mess surrounding her is a comfort zone. No really. We met working at a thrift store together. I was Head of Housewares and SHE WAS A LOWLY CASHIER. (evil laughter) I kid.. she was a cashier and how she had the balls of steel to endure it, I’ll never know. I recruited her to work with me in housewares. By the time I had my fill of housewares and was ready to move on to bartending, I had her trained up and ready to take my lead position. It is fair to say she far exceeds me in the position. I love her and her B face.

I miss working with her and I miss living that thrift store life.


Oh Cthulhu, do you?


Valentine’s Day approaches. I should have been crocheting baby headbands with attached hearts to sell…

I’m not in the mood. Would you prefer instead, a new Cthulhu face? Good for the kissings. Yes, much romance.

The first Northern Lights at dusk lay draped around your neck

I feel accomplished. I feel pride in my work and I feel a great breath of ease and relaxation overtake me as I look over my work.

    There is no greater feeling than accomplishment. Whenever I finish a crochet project, I get dosed with this exact natural high. I feel accomplished. I feel pride in my work and I feel a great breath of ease and relaxation overtake me as I look over my work.

Braided cowls are currently trending. When I discovered the free pattern online, I immediately made 5. First I started off using Lionbrand multicolored dyed acrylic yarn and those first 3 cowls sold for 25.00 each off facebook. Then I stepped up with some of my wool blended multicolored yarn -mixed in some solid acrylic colors and sold that cowl for 40.00 at a craft bazaar. Now here is my last and finest cowl so far as modeled by my daughter… who is two seconds away from bursting into tears because I pulled her away from Disney Infinity for a trial run in modeling.

If you are also interested in the free online pattern, visit it here at ravelry:

I altered my cowl by adding width with extra textured rows.

Additionally, if you click the link provided below the photo on this post, you will find my very first etsy listing this cowl! My etsy progress is slow because I am stumbling with the display and photography aspect of listing products. I have settled on the concept of using my daughter as a model until I figure out something more mature/professional. Soon, we will visit the river for a full photoshoot of all my product.

Click to visit listing!